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We don't offer any way to book using your computer except Facebook Messenger. Kinda weird, right? But, we have 2 big reasons:

First; Do you really want to have to sign up for another account somewhere? By texting a special link to your phone, we can confirm who you are without needing you to remember another f*%#ing password! That's pretty neat, right? Passwords suck!

Second; We are a very small team and everyone is already giving 100%. Given our limited resources, we knew we were going to have to cut out everything possible if we were gonna build something people loved.

Because you update your smartphone more often than your computer, it is easier to support. This means we can build our systems to use the latest technologies without worrying about legacy support (think Internet Explorer). By cutting out computers entirely our small group accomplished amazing things... but, you'll need to use your phone to see it.



You can always just come on in. We are open 10am-7pm tue-fri & 10am-4pm sat-sun. Below are the current wait times.


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